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Looking for unified communications consultants in Georgia you can trust? Contact DSC. We can help you improve your employee’s productivity spread across multiple locations and reduce your telecommunication costs.


What Are Unified Communications?

What does ‘unified communications‘ mean? It’s the integration of all of your communication services, such as IP telephony, mobility, and web and video conferencing so that you can enjoy faster and more efficient communication throughout your organization! Unified communications will vary from business to business depending on what features and set-up you need and want to use.

To help you better understand how unified communications might look like for your business, here is an example. If you decide to use unified communications for your voicemail and email, then you can have them both be delivered to the same inbox (unified). Normally you receive voicemail by checking it on the phone that it was left on. With unified communications, your voicemail message can also be sent to your email in the form of an audio or text file, and you can access it right on your computer or mobile device no matter where you are!

Another example of unified communications is to set up call forwarding on a VoIP system. In the past, incoming calls to your company could only be transferred within your facility. With unified communications, you can use a call forwarding feature to transfer your incoming calls to a cell phone, mobile device, or other telephone number where you can be reached – so even when you are out of the office, you can still get all your calls.


Why Are Unified Communications Necessary

Today’s business world is changing. Gone are the days when all of your customers came to you at your location. Many of your staff may be on the move, may work from home, or you may take your business on the road. You need to stay connected to your business and your customers no matter where you are. That’s where unified communications comes in. It’s what keeps your employees, clients, and suppliers connected.


mobile workforce

Today’s workforce is on the move; stay connected with unified communications


What Are the Benefits of Unified Communications?

Lower monthly costs:

You can lower your telecommunications costs by switching your phone calls to a VoIP platform where you use your current internet connection instead of a traditional landline. You won’t have to worry about expensive long-distance charges anymore!

Lower capital investment:

Installing an internet-based phone system requires a much lower initial capital investment than a traditional PBX system.

Flexibility for your workforce:

Unified communications means that your workforce has the flexibility of always being connected no matter where they are.

More effective workforce:

Because your workforce will be better connected, they will also be able to collaborate more easily, which will lead to better productivity and decision making.


unified communications consultants

With unified communications, your workforce can collaborate more easily, which will lead to better productivity and decision making


How Can DSC Help?

The desktop phone and PC are quickly being replaced by smartphones, tablets, and laptops. All of these devices are mobile. You need a way to keep these devices working together with the same high-quality voice, data, and video performance that you enjoyed with your desktop. That’s where DSC can help. As your unified communications consultants, we can design and recommend a unified communications solution that will give you a secure, reliable, and borderless communications network at a price you can afford.


DSC consultants

DSC are unified communications consultants who can recommend solutions that will give you a secure, reliable communications network at a price you can afford


Why Choose DSC?

We Have Over 30 Years of Experience

We have over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications, IP telephony, and internet services industry. As highly qualified unified communications consultants, we will put our extensive experience to work for you to find you the best unified communications solution possible.


Our Roots Are in Telephony Services

At DSC, our roots are in the telephony industry. In fact, we were sending voice packets over IP networks long before VoIP (voice over internet protocol) was a common term. We know this industry inside out because we’ve been in it through all of its many changes and updates.


We Work with Businesses of All Sizes

If you want to update, replace, enhance, or augment your telephony solutions, contact Digital Services Consultants today. We’re unified communications consultants who work with businesses of all sizes to help you find the best solution for your particular communication needs and budget.

Whether you are a smaller company who just needs to be able to use email on your mobile devices or you are a larger one looking for a more complex unified communications solution, DSC can help.


remote hands service

We work with businesses of all sizes to help you find the best solution for your particular communication needs and budget


We Will Take the Time To Understand Your Business and Its Needs

At DSC, we understand that no two businesses are alike. You need unified communications designed with you in mind. That’s why we will take the time to get to know you and your business and provide you with a solution that works best for you. We will assess your existing network and recommend the right combination of services for your business.


We Are Local, Independent Unified Communications Consultants

DSC is a locally owned and operated unified communications provider, so you can feel good knowing that you are supporting a company whose staff lives and works in your own area. When you call DSC, you will be talking to someone local and not someone from another state or country that doesn’t know about your local network.


We Care About Our Customers

DSC cares about our customers, and that is why our customers are always ready to recommend us to their friends and business colleagues. We go above and beyond to make sure that our customers receive exceptional customer service. But don’t take our word for it – here is what our customers are saying about us:


“I’ve personally known the folks at DSC for a year, and they have been absolutely fantastic. A true pleasure to work with, their responsiveness and willingness to help are top notch. I would highly recommend them to everyone!”
– Alex Trentini

“Ashia R. Was extremely helpful and patient while working on everything. Always very knowledgeable and precise! This company is literally the best option out there! Top Notch customer service and actual service! Thanks for everything!”
– T Rivera

“DSC has a staff of professional employees that not only know how to rectify any problem that may come their way but they are always courteous, polite and willing to answer any questions you may have. I would recommend
DSC over and over. You can’t go wrong.”
– Tammy Jones


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DSC: Unified Communications Consultants You Can Trust

Digital Services Consultants is a premier data center located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia in Buford, specializing in unified communications services. We can also provide you with the best data protection and server colocation services possible, as well as a full range of internet- related and cloud services, including cloud backup, system monitoring, software hosting, dedicated email, website development and implementation, web hosting, e-commerce, security, and a variety of related products and services.

We also provide network support for Linus, Microsoft server and workstation platforms, Fortinet firewalls, and Cisco Systems. DSC has been a trusted name in the IT industry in Atlanta for more than 30 years. Contact us today for all of your internet-related requirements.


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DSC has been a trusted name in the IT industry in Atlanta for
more than 33 years


DSC Gives Back to the Georgia Community

DSC is proud to be part of a thriving Georgia community. We care so much about our community that we want to give something back. That is why we started the “Next Generation” training days. During training, our students learned about the history of CPUs and GPUs. The training focused on the performance and success of different models and brands and which ones excelled during their various time periods. You can access an audio recording of the training on the DSC website for free. Click here to listen!