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Business Internet Georgia: Today’s businesses need reliable and fast internet service in order to stay competitive. If you are a business owner in the Atlanta, Georgia region, then you have an option of choosing from over 48 different internet providers,  including larger and independent options. If you are looking for the top business internet Georgia, contact DSC today. At DSC we offer highly customizable plans at affordable rates.


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Business Internet Georgia

If your business is located in Georgia, and in the Atlanta region in particular, then you are fortunate to have access to a large number of business internet providers. Atlanta was actually ranked as one of the United State’s most wired cities for many years by Forbes. Its high level of broadband access and usage, as well as its Wi-Fi availability, consistently keep it near the top of the list. Atlanta is also the home to the regional headquarters of the Internet giants like Verizon and AT&T. In fact, Atlanta is a communications hub for the southeastern States.


 business internet georgia

Atlanta was ranked as one of America’s most wired cities for many years


Not All Business Internet Providers Are the Same

You will find that there is a wide range of internet service providers in the Atlanta Georgia region and they are not all the same. They greatly range in size from the nation’s largest providers to smaller, independent providers. Some people think that the biggest providers are the best, however, that is not always the case. Smaller independent companies can offer you a genuine style of customer service, coming from people who live and work in the same city as you and who are not reading from a script when you give them a call.


reliable customer service
DSC offer you personalized customer service; we don’t read from a script


Why DSC Is the Best Solution for Business Internet Georgia

DSC is an independent business internet provider that can offer you the real customer service that you deserve. And just because we are smaller than the big corporations doesn’t mean you will have to sacrifice quality. DSC can offer you the same high-quality services as the bigger companies, but we will get to know you and your business personally. You won’t just be a customer number to us; you’ll have a name.

Details of Our Service

DSC offers its clients every type of high speed internet service your business may need. Our high speed business internet connections include:

  • DSL (digital subscriber line): uses telephone lines to send an internet signal without interrupting your phone signal.
  • Cable Modem: Uses coaxial cabling to send the internet signal
  • Fiber-Optic: uses long strands of fiberglass to transfer data by pulses of light.
  • Metro Ethernet: a metropolitan area network that is based on Ethernet standards


remote hands service

DSC offers you constant connectivity; we’ll keep you up and running


Benefits of Choosing DSC

We Offer Constant Connectivity:

You can rely on DSC to keep you up and running 24/7. We offer wireless back up to make sure that your team can be in constant communication to keep your business running. No matter what, you will be able to serve your customers and process transactions without interruptions. At DSC we understand how the loss of connection can negatively impact your business. That’s why you can trust us to provide you with constant, reliable internet service.

We Respect Your Privacy:

At DSC we take our customers’ privacy seriously. Unlike larger Internet Service Providers, you can be sure that we will not harvest or track your personal data to use for advertising or to sell to a third party.

We Give Reliable and Responsive Resolutions to Your Problems:

At DSC we will do our best to resolve any problems you may experience as quickly and efficiently as possible. We promise to do our best to resolve your issue on the first call so that you don’t have to keep calling back.

We Have Quality Networks:

The highly trained technicians at DSC do all of the needed routing maintenance on our equipment and spend the money necessary to ensure that our networks are of the highest quality. We are committed to doing this in order to limit and shorten outages for our customers.


high speed internet provider

Our highly trained technicians provide you with the high quality networks you need


Testimonials from Our Customers

“I’ve personally known the folks at DSC for a year, and they have been absolutely fantastic. A true pleasure to work with, their responsiveness and willingness to help are top notch. I would highly recommend them to everyone!”

– Alex Trentini

“DSC has been fantastic, responsive and knowledgeable about any issues that come up. I first had contact with them when they informed me our backup internet was out, before I even knew it was down. Pro-active and very quick in resolving the issue. They’ve also been instrumental in stabilizing our network, and assisting with a backup solution. Both of which we were in dire need of. Really great group!”

– Thomas Berg

“Ashia R. Was extremely helpful and patient while working on everything. Always very knowledgeable and precise! This company is literally the best option out there! Top Notch customer service and actual service! Thanks for everything!”

– T Rivera

“I am the SYS Admin for Paideia School. Paideia has been a customer with DSC for over 20 years. Bill’s Team is the best. If my service is interrupted, the DSC team knows before I do and work diligently to fix any issue. DSC is also my reseller for Fortinet firewalls. Again, never a hesitation to solve problems or answer questions. I am looking forward to many more years of doing business.

– Brian Meeks

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Business Internet

Our satisfied customers are proof that you can trust DSC for the best business internet Georgia



DSC for the Best Business Internet Georgia

You can trust DSC to give you the best business Internet in the state of Georgia for both quality and price. Digital Service Consultants has been in business for more than 33 years, so we’ve established strategic partnerships that have grandfathered us in at below-industry rates. This means that we can and do pass along those savings to our customers. This is why DSC has the most competitive and most customizable pricing available – including business internet Georgia



Digital Services Consultants is a premier data center located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia in Buford, that offers you the best server colocation possible. Along with our top-notch server colocation, we provide a full range of internet- related and cloud services including cloud backup, system monitoring, software hosting, dedicated email, website development and implementation, web hosting, e-commerce, security, and a variety of related products and services. We also provide network support for Linus, Microsoft server and workstation platforms, Fortinet firewalls, and Cisco Systems. DSC has been a trusted name in the IT industry in Atlanta for more than 30 years. Contact us today for all of your internet-related requirements.


Learn how the “Super Heroes of IT” can help you maintain a reliable connection and computing infrastructure






DSC has been a trusted name in the IT industry in Atlanta for more than 33 years


DSC Gives Back to the Georgia Community

DSC is proud to be part of a thriving Georgia community and we care enough about our community to want to give something back. That is why we started the “Next Generation” training days. During the training, our students learned about the history of CPUs and GPUs. The training focused on the performance and success of different models and brands and which ones excelled during their various time periods. You can access an audio recording of the training on the DSC website for free. Click here to listen!