Small Business

Small Business Services

We Understand Small Business, We Are One

Our services are specifically tailored to your small business needs and are offered a la carte. The services you see listed below are all available separately and you only use as much of our time as you need to get your business goals accomplished. At DSC, we understand that technology and IT services are designed to solve business problems efficiently – not to create business problems.

Digital Service Consultants has worked with local and even remote small business for the last couple of decades and we know your needs and your budget concerns. The reality is that you can’t afford not to work with a professional service provider like DSC. We’ve seen time and time again where small businesses hire friends or other people that appear to be qualified and affordable – only to find out that they are neither. Technology is constantly changing and the way services, from home computing to cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings, and the way that these service need to inter-operate and interface with your environment is constantly evolving. The end result is that, unless is someone is trained and constantly keeps us with these technology evolutions, they won’t be in a good position to offer you good advise or the services that you need. We’ve seen too many occasions where we’re called in to fix a situation caused by someone that had good intentions but not the skills or experience to match. The end results is always the same: a client that is surprised that their issue(s) are finally solved and amazed at how little it cost to get the job done right.

Brick & Mortar Sales and Online Stores

Need a cash register and inventory management solution for brick and mortar store sales? Need to tie-in e-Commerce sales with roll-up reporting? How about utilizing Bluetooth in-store beacons to target specific sales information to customers as they shop? Maybe offering Apple Pay? Many stores are burdened by technology lags in payment processing and the overall shopping experience that negatively impacts the shopping experience not just for the customer, but also burdens the store with more elaborate inventory management and other tasks. The bottom line is that antiquated technology and payment processing can and will cost your store money as your customers seek easier sales interactions and you invest unnecessary resources in tasks like inventory management that can be automated through technology – allowing your staff to spend more time engaging customers and closing sales.

For online sales, we have experience with various online shopping cart SaaS solutions, such as Shopify, as well as integrating software-based shopping carts within websites, such as ProductCart. Our experience allows us to offer tailored solutions that are specifically geared to solve your business issues while avoiding unnecessary and costly functionality that only serves to complicate your business transactions. From server-based .NET, php/Linux, and ColdFusion solutions, to completely 3rd party hosted solutions, we help small business do big sales.

Small Office and Home Office Setup

Small Office IT Setup

Business has changed drastically – even in just the last few years. What was a traditional office/factory environment has given way to mobile, home, and small office environments. With these environments come technology challenges to keep businesses connected, secure, and operational. From Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Wi-Fi networks to Unified Communications tools, business now face additional challenges to leverage the operational efficiency of the small and mobile workforce.

DSC offers professional services for setting up these small office, home office, and mobile workforce environments to meet your critical business needs. Our services include:
– VPN setup to other corporate offices for remote employees or remote offices
– Cloud backup solutions to secure small office servers, laptops, and mobile devices
– Unified communication and email solutions supported by desktops and laptops, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices
– Small office network wiring and Wi-Fi setup

Internet Connectivity

The fastest laptop is little more than a doorstop without a solid internet connection. DSC has preferred status with key Internet Service Providers (ISP) to bring the bandwidth you need to your office. These services include DSL, T1 and fractional T3, Metro Ethernet, and full fiber solutions. From small pet stores with a single cash register to car dealerships with dozens of computers, customer Wi-Fi, and back-end client/server connectivity, out Internet services are competitively priced and designed for the exact bandwidth and service level agreement that your business needs. We will help you understand and allocate the necessary bandwidth for your business, as well as show you ways to better utilize that bandwidth by implementing solutions like network attached storage arrays and batched file transfers.