Professional Services

Digital Service Consultants provides both ad-hoc and contract-based services to meet the unique technology and budget needs of businesses of all sizes. From small business Wi-Fi setup to enterprise application management, DSC provides the services that your business needs to move your business forward. Remember that our experience with data centers, enterprise routers, servers, appliances, etc. comes from our very own usage with our own data centers and equipment; we practice what we preach.

Network Structured Cabling Design & Installation Services

Data center cabling solutions are often overlooked or not given do consideration. However, equipment manufacturers will be the first to tell you that the operational efficiency and reliability of their equipment is directly impacted by the quality of the cabling that interconnects the hardware, as well as supporting network switches, routers, etc. As companies grow, merge, and otherwise expand their infrastructure data center and networking are taxed to meet the evolving needs. Scaling this infrastructure requires careful planning and implementation, especially when taking into account emerging technology trends and the related bandwidth requirements. When tackling new or updated data centering cabling and related infrastructure, understanding the data center standards, identifying cabling objectives, and choosing the right components will significantly impact performance and operation. Initial component and cabling selections will have a significant financial impact now and in the long run. DSC has extensive experience with network infrastructure design and overhaul. We can help guide you through implementation pitfalls with strategic planning and even roll up our sleeves to help pull wire and fiber with you. From initial design to managing the actual wire pulls and connectivity testing, DSC will ensure that your network infrastructure upgrades/installation go smoothly and meet the long term business goals of your company.

Server & Appliance Configuration Services

Need to interconnect remote offices with VPN tunnels? Need to expand you Active Directory to accommodate expanded domains and forests? Trying to setup a backup domain controller on Linux? DSC’s experience extends beyond network cabling to the actual black boxes where the magic happens. With in-house staff that is trained and certified on Microsoft and Linux platforms, virtualization, load balancing, firewall configurations, and other key services, DSC has the expertise to augment or outsource your IT needs.

Professional Service Contracts

Digital Service Consultants offers professional service contracts starting as low as $399/month that include five hours of professional consulting services from our trainer staff. In addition, as a client covered by a professional services contract, any additional labor needed from our staff is provided to you at a discounted rate. For special projects that will involve longer engagement periods with more consulting, DSC will provide you a specific quote for the services to ensure that you are getting the best rate possible.