DSC Network

We provide the ultimate in performance and reliability via a fusion of technology and a team of dedicated personnel. The network is designed to provide high bandwidth, low latency, minimal hops, and redundancy. When you elect to tap into the net via DSC, you can rest assured that all aspects of your connectivity have been precisely engineered to deliver the cleanest, fastest, and most stable connection available. And with our experienced and skilled network engineers monitoring and administrating our systems, you can count on being in very good hands.

Network Architecture

DSC has over a half dozen redundant connections to the internet with over 2.5 GB (gigabits) of capacity per second. All connections are routed via BGP4 so each, and every connection is routed through the fastest pipe at all times. In the event of a single provider failure our network reroutes around it to the remaining providers. We use the best brands of equipment; like Cisco switches, routers, and Linux servers.

Network Status