Cloud backup services have become a great addition to data protection for small and medium-sized businesses as well as a supplemental part of larger businesses’ backup strategies. In part 2 of our three-part series, we will look at why your business needs cloud backup services. In Part 1 we discussed what cloud backup services are. In Part 3, we will look at how you can get the best price and service possible. If you are looking for a reliable cloud backup services provider that has a reputation for excellence, contact DSC today.


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Guide to Cloud Backup Services - Part 2 Why Your Business Needs It


Reasons Why Your Business Needs Cloud Backup Services

Worry and Hassle-Free Backups: After your initial backup to the cloud (which may take a long time to complete) you can set up automated backup times when all of your business’s information is synced. Once this is set up you don’t need to worry about doing anything. Your data will be updated and saved on the cloud remote server automatically. You set up your backups to run at a specific time every day, or every hour, or every week, whichever suits your company’s needs most.

Quick Recovery Times:  If you lose your data or it becomes corrupted, you can quickly recover and restore the information you need. Make sure you find out from your service provider how much bandwidth is available to you, as this will affect the speed at which your recovery takes place. Check out your bandwidth and the amount of data that you can back up in your service level agreement (SLA).

Faster Than Tape Recoveries: Unlike tape storage, the cloud backup can be recovered much faster. Recovering data from a tape can be laboriously slow. Think of the difference between finding a song on a CD as opposed to a cassette tape. You can immediately go to the song on the CD – whereas you have to wind through the other songs on the cassette, and it is difficult to find the exact location. The same is true for a tape backup. However, with cloud backup, you can immediately go to the files you need to recover.



 Cloud backup services have many advantages over tape and backups


Free Up Your IT Team: Using a cloud backup service means that the routine backup steps that your IT team used to spend time on every day is now taken out of their hands. They can use this extra time for more beneficial pursuits, such as IT development and other tasks that will help your business grow and prosper. The quicker you switch to cloud services, the faster your team will be able to get back to their most important tasks.

More Secure Than a Tape Backup: A tape is a physical piece of equipment that can be lost in transit or stolen while it is taken to its offsite storage location. A cloud backup happens virtually over the Internet and doesn’t have to be physically transported anywhere.

Take Advantage of Backup Lifecycle Management: Using cloud backup services allows you to implement backup lifecycle management. This means that you can prioritize your data so that your critical data is stored in high availability disk space that you can quickly and easily access for recovery. Your less critical data that hasn’t been modified in a long time can be stored in lower cost storage because you won’t need it as fast as your critical and most recent data.

Cloud backups can take advantage of backup lifecycle management



Why Cloud Backup Services Are More Cost Effective than Other Backup Methods

Cloud backup services are really quite affordable. This is because:

  • You don’t require a physical location that you need to keep maintained
  • You don’t have to pay an IT administrator to keep you connected and manage your backups
  • You don’t have to buy additional expensive hardware such as tapes and drives to store your data

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Security Measures Taken to Protect Data

The following is a list of features that cloud backup services can use in order to make sure that the data you store is secure:

Encryption: Your data should be encrypted while it is being transferred to the cloud and while it is being stored there. Encryption will protect your data from being accessed by any unauthorized users or hackers.

Compliance with SAS 70/SSAE 16 Type II: If your cloud service provider is SAS 70/SSAE 16 Type II compliant, then that means that they have strong IT controls set up to protect your data. This is especially important for public companies and those that are governed by regulatory requirements such as the financial and health sectors.

Data Deduplication: Data deduplication is a process where your files are compressed. This means that information that is repeated or redundant copies of data are not duplicated for storage. This process can greatly cut down on the amount of storage space you require.


Data deduplication can greatly decrease the amount of storage space required



When Should You Choose Cloud Backup Services

Small to Medium Sized Companies: Cloud backup services are probably best suited to small to medium-sized companies or larger companies who want to use this type of backup in addition to other backups.

Companies with Sufficient Bandwidth and Limited Amounts of Data to Store: A good rule of thumb to help you decide whether cloud storage would suit your company’s needs is if you need to store and protect up to 100 GB of data per 1 Mb WAN connection of network bandwidth. A DSL connection would cover this.

Non-Frequent Data Changes: Cloud backup is best for your company if your rate of change of data is less than 10% of the total data per month.

Small to Medium Sized Companies: Cloud backup services are probably best suited to small to medium-sized companies or larger companies who want to use this type of backup in addition to other backups.



1u colocation rackCloud backup services are perfect for small to medium-sized businesses



Why Choose DSC for Your Cloud Backup Services

Digital Service Consultants has been in business for more than 33 years so we’ve established strategic partnerships that have grandfathered us in at below industry rates. This means that we can and do pass along those savings to our customers. This is why DSC has the best and most flexible pricing in Georgia.



Digital Services Consultants is a premier data center located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia in Buford, that offers you the best server colocation possible. Along with our top-notch server colocation, we provide a full range of internet- related and cloud services including cloud backup, system monitoring, software hosting, dedicated email, website development and implementation, web hosting, e-commerce, security, and a variety of related products and services. We also provide network support for Linus, Microsoft server and workstation platforms, Fortinet firewalls, and Cisco Systems. DSC has been a trusted name in the IT industry in Atlanta for more than 30 years. Contact us today for all of your internet-related requirements.





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DSC has been a trusted name in the IT industry in Atlanta for more than 33 years


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