Today, we are going to be talking about a dedicated server, what it is, and how it can help you.

At DSC, we have been been in the IT and colocation service industry for more than 30 years, and we are happy to share our expertise and knowledge with you.

We’ll explain what a dedicated server is and help you decide if it would be the best choice for your business. So, let’s get started.



dedicated server

A dedicated server is only used by your business


What Is a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated server hosting means that you lease an entire server from your hosting company. This server is totally “dedicated” for your company’s use alone, and you are given complete control over your hosting environment so you are able to:

  • Modify all of your server settings
  • Install your own operating systems
  • Install other software components


You Lease a Dedicated Server:

Unlike colocation hosting, where you place your own equipment on rented rack space in a data center, when getting a dedicated server you don’t actually own the server. Instead, you lease it and you are the only one who is using it.



dedicated server facility

You lease a dedicated server and have complete control over it



You Don’t Share Resources:

In addition, with dedicated server hosting, you do not share any critical resources with other domain owners. As a result, your server will give you top performance because you are not sharing:


Other Benefits of a Dedicated Server

Because no other company is sharing your server, you can:

  • Enjoy higher speeds
  • More uptime
  • Increased security because no one else has access to your server
  • You will have your own unique IP address
  • You can have more memory pr, more processor, and more disk space added later on by your service provider if you need it

You also won’t run the risk of being crashed, swamped, or slowed down by any other site.


With a dedicated server, you are given a unique IP address


Your hosting company will typically provide you with:

  • Internet connection
  • Physical security
  • Protective features provided by the data center


Is a Dedicated Server Service Right for Your Business?

A dedicated server is usually a service that medium to large businesses choose. This is mainly due to the cost of the service. A dedicated server is a good choice if you have:

Mission-Critical Operations: A dedicated server is great for businesses that perform mission-critical operations. That means that if your business would grind to a halt if your network system failed or was disrupted, then having a dedicated server would be a great benefit.

Large Volume of Traffic: In addition, a dedicated server is great if your business experiences large volumes of traffic over its network. Because the resources are not shared on a dedicated server, it can better handle large volumes of traffic with faster speeds. So if you have a large website, then dedicated server hosting would be a good choice.




DSC is your best choice for dedicated server hosting in Atlanta



Why Choose DSC for Dedicated Server Services in Atlanta


DSC Is Local:

DSC is a locally owned and operated data center and dedicated server provider just outside of Atlanta. You’ll find that we are a refreshing change from the bigger dedicated server providers. You can feel good knowing that you are supporting a company whose staff lives and works in your own area. When you call DSC, you will be talking to someone who is your neighbor, and not someone from another state or country that doesn’t know about you or this area.

DSC Is the Perfect Size:

DSC is just the right balance between being large enough to have enough highly trained staff to provide you with the top quality dedicated server service you need and yet small enough to give you that personal touch.

We take the time to get to know each of our clients personally and if you ever have a problem, you can call and talk to one of our trained technicians who will be happy to help you right on the spot.

Large corporations, on the other hand, often only give you the option of contacting them through email. You are often made to feel like you are only another number to them.



personal customer support

When you call DSC, you will be talking to a local person



DSC Has Over 30 Years of Experience

For more than 30 years, DSC has been serving the Atlanta region, with top-quality IT services including dedicated servers. Our fully-trained staff is highly experienced in all aspects of the IT world and we are ready to provide you with the best dedicated server service possible.


DSC Knows How to Explain Technical Things so You Can Easily Understand

The IT industry is full of complex jargon that is often difficult and confusing to understand if you don’t actually work in that industry. At DSC, we will take the time and effort necessary to explain our dedicated server services to you in terms that you will understand.

We even welcome your questions and will do our best to answer them so that you totally understand the services we are offering and which ones make the most sense for your business. We don’t want to sell you a service that you don’t fully understand or need.



DSC will explain complex terms

DSC will explain complex technical terms to you in easy-to-understand language



DSC Provides Real Customer Service

Unlike the larger data centers, when you call DSC for help, we won’t be reading from a script and we won’t turn your service call into a sales pitch. You’ll find that our technicians really care about your problem and we will do our best to answer your questions and resolve your issues quickly and effectively.


I’ve personally known the folks at DSC for a year, and they have been absolutely fantastic. A true pleasure to work with, their responsiveness and willingness to help are top notch. I would highly recommend them to everyone!”
– Alex Trentini

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Other Great Reasons to Choose DSC Dedicated Server Service

There are also many other great benefits of choosing a dedicated server in the suburbs instead of downtown Atlanta. These include:

  • Safety: In a disaster situation, it is beneficial to have your data safely stored away from your main facility for easy retrieval.
  • Room for expansion: Buford, Georgia offers more space for rapid expansion due to the availability and lower cost of land as compared to a data center in a city core.
  • Plenty of parking: Parking is plentiful and traffic is usually much less than in a big city for easy accessibility to your equipment.


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DSC: For the Best Dedicated Server Service in Atlanta

If you are looking for the best dedicated server service available in the Atlanta region, contact DSC. Digital Services Consultants is a premier data center located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia in Buford, Georgia.

We specialize in dedicated server and colocation as well as other IT services, including a full range of internet- related and cloud services, such as cloud backup, system monitoring, software hosting, dedicated email, website development and implementation, web hosting, e-commerce, security, and a variety of related products and services.

We also provide network support for Linus, Microsoft server and workstation platforms, Fortinet firewalls, and Cisco Systems. DSC has been a trusted name in the IT industry in Atlanta for more than 30 years. Contact us today for all of your internet-related requirements.


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DSC has been a trusted name in the IT industry in Atlanta for
more than 33 years


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