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What Determines Colocation Prices By City?

When looking for a data center to store your valuable data, it’s helpful to consider colocation prices by city. To help you find the optimal colocation for your servers, we’ve compiled average colocation prices in some of the USA’s most sought after locations for data storage.

There are a number of factors that will influence the price you will pay for colocation hosting. The reality is that your business has unique needs for data storage and that the quotes you receive for colocation services will look different from those of other businesses.

Some of the factors that you can expect to influence your colocation pricing include:

  • Setup: Before you acquire any rack space, you’ll need to cover the cost of the initial set-up fee for your colocation hosting. This involves the process of moving your equipment to the data center of your choice and having it physically installed. Although you may be able to have someone from your business’ IT department perform this task, it likely needs to be done by the team at the data center of your choice.
  • Rack Space: Rack space is where your data is physically stored at a data center. This space is designed to hold servers and equipment. Your colocation cost will vary based on the amount of space that your server(s) will take up.
  • Internet: In order to be able to access your equipment from your office, you will require an internet-based VPN connection. Given the distance between your data center and your business, it’s common that businesses require above-average bandwidths in order to operate software at high speeds. Another consideration is having a dedicated IP address. This may be necessary in the case if your current Internet Service Provider does not service the data center where your servers are stored.
  • Support: Your colocation costs will vary based on the support that your business requires. Although colo is not a managed service, many data centers do offer hands-on support for an additional fee, including the monitoring and maintenance of your equipment at the data center. If you choose not to pay for in-house hosting, you typically have the option to send someone from your team to the data center or to outsource maintenance to a provider who can maintain equipment on a more frequent basis.


Washington Colocation Prices

Given that Central Washington is a hub for inexpensive, renewable energy, it’s no surprise that there are more than 63 colocation data centers for customers to choose from. The low cost of operations has made Washington an ideal place for colocation providers to build their businesses.

In Washington, customers can expect to pay an average of  $100 per month for a single server with 100 Mbps of bandwidth and up to $600 per month for a full cabinet. Of course, these prices will vary based on the factors listed above, including things like rack space and the amount of support that your business requires.


Atlanta Colocation Prices

Atlanta is another desirable location for data storage. With impressive infrastructure, power and connectivity, Atlanta has a growing presence for top-of-the-line colocation services.

Digital Service Consultants (DSC) is conveniently located in Buford, a low-risk area for natural disasters and a short drive away from Downtown Atlanta. Not only does DSC’s location make it extremely easy to access your servers, but direct peering with Atlanta’s top internet exchanges also provide custom low latency.

DSC offers extremely competitive prices in the Atlanta area for high-quality colocation services. Monthly, you can expect to pay $449 for a quarter rack, $749 for a half rack, and as low as $995 monthly for a full rack. This translates to about $45 for 1U of rack space when purchasing 10U, $38 for 1U when purchasing 20U, and only $24 when purchasing 42U!


New York Colocation Prices

New York City is a thriving marketplace for colocation with a number of data-centric companies with unique needs. Although New York is sometimes considered a “threat-zone” for geographic and social-political reasons, there are a number of data centers located in low-risk areas to service the city.

New York City is a fantastic location when looking for high-quality performance, security, and reliability from your colocation services. The nature of the market, though, is that prices range quite a bit higher per 1U of rack space and customers can expect to pay a minimum of $75-$100 for a single server. For multiple colocation deployment, some customers can expect to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in New York, in addition to set-up fees.


Digital Service Consultants: Georgia’s #1 IT Services Provider

Digital Service Consultants is your best choice for colocation hosting for both pricing and service. DSC has been a trusted name in the IT industry for over 30 years. We are experts in the IT field and can provide you with a full range of internet-related services including colocation, cloud backup, system monitoring, software hosting, dedicated email, website development and implementation, web hosting, e-commerce, security, and a variety of related products and services. We also provide network support for Linus, Microsoft server and workstation platforms, Fortinet firewalls, and Cisco systems. Contact us today for all of your internet-related requirements.





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DSC has been a trusted name in the IT industry in Atlanta for more than 30 years


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