Cloud Services

Software Hosting

Every device in today’s world now runs software that is cloud-based on some level. Whether it is purely for data or running the entire experience, chances are every piece of software or app that you are running has this crucial component.

DSC is setup to provide these services for companies, as well as developers to house their application’s critical services. We can accommodate needs ranging from data storage/retrieval to full application backend hosting.

Provide your own server through our colocation services or just lease the space you need on one of DSC’s servers. With dedicated bandwidth and scalability, you can be sure that your software applications and clients have what they need to function at their best.

Cloud Backup

Nothing keeps data more safe than having a reliable backup strategy. The best strategy includes an backup that is in a different location than your current setup. This protects against natural disasters in your area, theft, and hacking of local systems.

DSC can help you setup and maintain a robust backup plan. This includes storage on DSC’s secure servers. Your business is too important to lose your critical data. We can help protect you from things as simple as corrupt files to more serious, catastrophic failures of your system

System Monitoring

DSC actively monitors systems 24 hours a day to keep everything up and running smoothly.  We’ll know of any problems or issues long before it’s noticed by you or your clients.  You can rest with confidence that your system will be available when you need them.

Email Hosting

Dedicated, Secure and Dependable Email

Every modern business needs e-mail. However, for many businesses, the actual management of an e-mail server is an unnecessary headache. Both spam and viruses represent a very real problem for users and corporate network administrators alike.

With DSC e-Mail Hosting service, your company can enjoy all the benefits of e-Mail without the hassle associated with the ongoing maintenance, backup, and upgrades associated with caring for the server. DSC will do the set up for the initial batch of mailboxes and will host and maintain the mail server. Users can then access mail via the Web using DSC’s web mail service or through their own mail clients on their devices using standard protocols like SMTP, IMAP and POP3.

Our system scans your inbound messages before they are passed along to your mail server, while making it easy to retrieve those important emails that may have been flagged. This keeps the damaging files from reaching their intended target, your critical devices!

Virus Protection

To combat viruses, attachments that are of a type that are frequently associated with security risks (possible viruses) are removed from the message, and the message is annotated to indicate that a possible virus was removed.

Anti-Spam Filters

To combat spam, a sophisticated rules-based engine scans the messages for telltale signs that the message is unsolicited bulk email, and assigns a score to the message. When the incoming message scores above the threshold for what is considered to be spam (a score of 5 or more), special headers are added to the message and an analysis report is added as an attachment to the message.

Any Devices

Users can then access mail via the Web using DSC’s web mail service or through their own mail clients on their devices using standard protocols like SMTP, IMAP and POP3.