In this third and final part of our series on data protection, we will take a look at some key trends on how best to protect your data. In Chapter 1 we defined data protection and took a look at why it is important to learn how to best protect your data, and in Chapter 2 we provided you with practical tips on how to best protect your data. If you are concerned about data protection and would like some expert advice on how to implement a data protection plan for your business, contact Digital Service Consultants today.


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Chapter 3: How Best to Protect Your Data - 2019 Trends


Trend #1: Companies Worldwide Will Be Held Accountable For the Way They Handle Privacy and Personal Data

The GDPR is Leading the Way for Data Protection:

A great example of this trend to hold companies accountable for the way that they handle privacy and personal data is in the passing and now enforcing of the GDPR. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  came into effect in May 2018. It requires companies and organizations to implement watertight content management processes to ensure that they don’t lose any important or sensitive data. It has been designed to:

  • Integrate and unify data privacy laws all across Europe
  • Protect the data privacy and rights of all European Union citizens
  • Transform and improve the way companies and organizations deal with data privacy

Any organization that does not comply with the GDPR will face heavy fines. This step taken to by the EU to protect the privacy and data of individuals and companies will hopefully be followed by other countries.

european union Brussels

The GDPR was designed to integrate privacy laws across Europe



Trend #2: Laws Like the GDPR Will Lead to Innovative Ways of Protecting Your Data

These stronger rules regarding data protection were brought into effect so individuals would have more control over their personal information and data and that businesses would “benefit from a level playing field.” Levelling the playing field refers to making all businesses conform to the same regulations so that all are equal as far as what security measures they implement. If only some are spending extra to keep their data safe, then those that are cutting corners have an unfair advantage. As a result, companies who want to do business in Europe need to be serious about data protection and follow the guidelines outlined in the regulations.

The enforcement of the GDPR will hopefully force companies to figure out better and more secure ways of handling personal data and thereby reduce and eventually eliminate the “misuse and abuse of personal data”  that we have seen in the past. It hopefully will stop companies from selling personal information to third party marketing companies or even from having their data stolen to be used for more criminal purposes.



on-site technical support

Laws like the GDPR will force companies to find ways to better protect your privacy



Trend #3: People Should Begin to Recognize Which Companies Actually Care About Data Protection:

This next trend is seeing that customers worldwide are becoming better educated about data security risks. Informed customers are beginning to discover which companies are actually committed to protecting their data and which ones aren’t. For example, there are about 1,000 US news sites that are currently unavailable in Europe because they are not GDPR compliant. As customers are educated about the importance of data privacy and as they discover which companies are not taking this issue seriously, they should begin to show their disapproval by not doing business with those companies.



growing business

In 2019 more businesses will continue moving their data to the cloud



Trend #4: The Need for Better Data Protection Will Increase as More Companies Move to the Cloud

2019 will see more and more companies moving to the cloud. This means that as the digital landscape in the cloud grows, so does the risk of security threats. As a result, IT teams and CIOs should take greater precautions to protect against these threats to their data and to the privacy of their customers. Following guidelines like those enforced by the GDPR is a good way to begin. If your organization wants to be able to be competitive in today’s digital age, you will need to have knowledge of these safety regulations and put them into practice.



computer awareness training

Security awareness training will continue to be one of the best ways to fight hacking



Trend #5: More Security Awareness Training Will Be Essential

Hackers are constantly coming up with new ways of accessing your network and data. Continuous security awareness training is vital in order to keep up with these constant and evolving threats. Awareness training is the best way to fight these attacks and to prevent user errors that make these attacks successful. The security awareness training sector grew in 2018 and it should continue to do so as more IT departments understand the need for continuous training.

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DSC can help you keep your data secure



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