In this first part of our three-part series on data protection, we will define data protection and take a look at why it is important to learn how to best protect your data. In Chapter 2 we will give you some practical tips on how to best protect your data, and in our final part, Chapter 3:, we will look at the 2019 trends in data protection. If you are concerned about data protection and would like some expert advice on how to implement a data protection plan for your business, contact Digital Service Consultants today.


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The Importance of Learning How to Best Protect Your Data


What Is Meant By “Data Protection”

Data protection refers to making sure that important information, both personal and corporate, is kept safe from corruption, compromise, or loss. It encompasses both the collection and dissemination of data and technology. Its goal is to strike a balance between upholding the privacy of individuals while still allowing the data to be used for business purposes.

Data Protection Can Be Applied to All Types of Data

1. Personal Data

Personal data is defined as any information about you that is stored, either electronically or physically, and can be used to identify you personally on its own or in conjunction with other data. This data includes the following:

  • your name
  • your home and email addresses
  • your telephone/cell numbers
  • your date of birth
  • your job titles
  • your IP addresses

Personal data can also refer to other sensitive personal information such as:

  • your racial or ethnic origin
  • your political or religious beliefs
  • your physical or mental health or condition
  • your biometrics (fingerprints, facial images)
  • your genetics


how to best protect your data

Both personal and business data needs protection online


2. Businesses or Public Entities Data

This type of data could include data such as:

  • financial information
  • customer information
  • internal software
  • employee information
  • research and development
  • product information

3. Top Secret Data

Top secret data refers to the type of data that should only remain with its owners and never be transferred to anyone else.



social media

Any data you enter online may get intercepted, corrupted, or lost



Why Is Data Protection So Important?

Almost everything that you do online has the ability to be tracked. Whenever you enter information online, that data could potentially be intercepted during transmission, corrupted during storage, sold without your permission, or lost due to disaster. Data protection involves protecting your information through various methods like encryption, firewalls, and backups. The value of privacy and the protection of your data has recently been brought to the forefront in the United States as the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Scandal has been brought to light when it was discovered that the personal data of millions of Facebook users was collected without their consent and used for political purposes.

Data Protection Puts You in Control of Your Information

Data Protection can help to ensure that you or your business are in control of your personal and business information. It allows you to decide:

  • whether or not you want to share your information
  • who is allowed to access your information
  • how long someone can access your information and for what reason they can access it
  • if you want any information modified



The US does not have a comprehensive law on data protection


Current US Data Protection Legislation

Currently, in the United States, there isn’t a “single, comprehensive federal (national) law regulating the collection and use of personal data.” Instead, there are a number of federal and state laws regarding the collection and use of personal data, however, these often overlap or contradict each other. There are guidelines in place that certain government agencies and industry groups have developed regarding the collection of personal data, but these are really just “best practices” and are self-regulating in nature as they don’t have laws to back them up.

Federal Privacy-Related Laws

The US does have a wide range of privacy-related laws that apply to certain categories of information such as:

  • financial information
  • health information
  • electronic communications


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