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Business Internet Georgia | Internet Service Providers

Why DSC Is One of Georgia's Best Internet Service Providers

We Are a Local, Independent Internet Service Provider

Tired of the big internet service providers? DSC is a locally owned and operated internet service provider (ISP), so you can feel good knowing that you are supporting a company whose staff lives and works in your own area. When you call DSC, you will be talking to someone local and not someone from another state or country that doesn’t know about your local network.

We Have Extensive Experience

DSC has been serving the Georgia Region since 1985 with flexible and reliable internet services. Looking for high speed internet for your business? Work with a local ISP that can better understand your unique needs.  Contact DSC today for a quick, no hassle quote!

DSC Can Give You a Refreshing Change from the Big ISPs

Because DSC is an independent internet service provider, we can offer you a refreshing change from the big ISPs. With DSC you will enjoy:

Real Customer Service

Unlike the large ISPs, when you call us for help we won’t be reading from a script and we won’t turn your service call into a sales pitch. Our technicians are genuine and they have the expertise to accurately answer your questions and resolve your issues quickly and effectively.

Transparent Pricing

At DSC our pricing is transparent; that means that we don’t have hidden fees and charges. We don’t disguise our pricing – what we quote you is what you will pay. 


personal reliable support
DSC offers real customer service from local staff
internet service providers
We'll resolve your issues quickly and efficiently

Quality Networks

We do the needed routing maintenance on our equipment and spend the money needed to make sure our networks are of the highest quality to limit and shorten outages for our customers.

Responsive Repair Times and Fast Resolution of Your Problems

We will do our best to resolve your issues quickly and efficiently. Unlike larger ISPs where you may have to call back more than once and each time explain your problem from the beginning; we will do our best to resolve your issue on the first call. If you have to call back, we will already know why you are calling so you won’t have to explain yourself again.


Unlike the big ISPs, we will not be harvesting and tracking your personal data to use for advertising or to sell to a third party.


Our Business Internet Service Features

Digital Service Consultants (DSC) offers every type of high speed internet service, from DSL to gigabit Ethernet, to suit the needs of your business no matter what size it is.

Our high speed business internet connections include:

The Typical Carriers we use include:

  • AT&T
high speed business internet
DSC offers every type of high speed internet service


“DSC has been fantastic, responsive and knowledgeable about any issues that come up. I first had contact with them when they informed me our backup internet was out, before I even knew it was down. Pro-active and very quick in resolving the issue. They’ve also been instrumental in stabilizing our network, and assisting with a backup solution. Both of which we were in dire need of. Really great group!”
– Thomas Berg

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DSC Can Help You Make the Right Choice for Your Business Internet

At DSC we understand that you want the business internet service suited to your needs without paying more than is absolutely necessary.However, choosing between DSL, cable modem based services, or dedicated circuits like T1/T3 can be a tough decision for small businesses. For larger businesses, the need for point-to-point connections, BGP balanced circuits, and other large business-specific needs can present a challenge as network infrastructure grows.


That’s why DSC is here to help. Unsure about the specific internet services your business requires? Don’t worry – we can guide you in choosing the right service for your particular needs.


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